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Foot analysis

Your feet are the foundation of your body and have to perform a lot in daily life. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to them and to pay attention to their health - because only healthy feet can help you to feel well all around.


For the orthopedic treatment of heavily stressed or painful feet, the exact diagnosis plays a decisive role. Only the precise analysis of the pressure conditions under your feet guarantees a high-quality insole supply. This way you also prevent consequential damage, such as a back problem due to unrecognized foot deformities.


Photo Scan Dynamic

4000 sensors of a pressure measuring plate measure the pressure distribution on the sole of the foot while walking (in N / cm2). The color sequence with increasing load is blue, green, yellow, red. In addition, the main load line (black dotted line) becomes visible.

Prescription text: dynamic pressure measurement.


Visual representation of the skin surface under static load situation with paper printout.


Treadmill analysis

With slow motion videos, complex motion patterns are analyzed more closely. With a special program, angles such as ankle and knee angles can be measured. Based on the results, it is possible to tailor customized insoles specifically to foot, knee and hip problems, and appropriate sports shoes may be recommended.

With sports scientist Mr. Claudio Pfister in the Medigym in Baar. (see flyer)

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