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Hallux bandages

Hallux-valgus correction bandage made of soft, adaptable material. Walking with this bandage is possible. Can be worn in a wide shoe.
The correction is adjustable.

Bandages for night securing

Post-operative therapy after knee, hip or foot surgery, in which movement control of the lower limbs is always necessary; Preventive to prevent shortening in bedridden patients; equinus prophylaxis; hemiplegia; With paralysis of the lower limbs; Chronic heel pain (plantar fasciitis)

malleotrain s.png

Foot bandages

With foot bandages we can correct, guide, correct, fix, stimulate, straighten and thus improve the ability to stand and walk.


Malleosprint (ankle bandages)

This orthosis secures and protects the upper ankle, especially in sports. With the lacing, it is infinitely adjustable. By leaving the heel free and the slim design, the orthosis can be worn very well in tight shoes.

malleotrain s.png

MalleoTrain / MalleoTrain S

For chronic, post-surgical and post-traumatic irritation (e.g. after sprains), joint effusions and swelling in arthrosis and arthritis, tendomyopathy and ligament weakness.


OSSA orthoses

Highly corrective to overcorrective foot orthosis (OSSA) made of polypropylene with soft tissue insert and heel tilt. Can be used in normal shoes with removable insoles or in Künzli Ortho stable shoes in the event of a severe misalignment. Not suitable for spasms.


US orthosis (static, dynamic)

With lower leg orthoses, we can correct, guide, redress, fix, stimulate, straighten and thus improve the ability to stand and walk.


Aircast / Walker

Removable lower leg orthosis to stabilize the foot and ankle joints with integrated roll-off ramp, four individually adjustable air chambers, air-permeable, latex-free material and with heel wedges, pointed foot adjustments adjustable up to 120°. Postoperative or conservative treatment of Achilles tendon rupture, Weber type A and B malleolar fractures.


Dorsal flexor / Heifelberg splint
(plastic or carbon)

The orthosis enables a physiological and dynamic gait pattern through the use of carbon fiber materials with their energy-returning properties. This also applies to different loads and different walking speeds. Different functionalities are achieved through various construction options, which are individually determined with the test orthosis. The orthosis is very light and can be worn in normal shoes. Available in plastic or carbon.


Quengel splint, orthosis

Custom-made thigh braces made of plastic or carbon for contractures in the upper ankle joint, for postoperative treatment after interventions in the upper ankle joint or for tendon shortening.


US Sarmiento

Circular compression double shell orthosis for "soft tissue splinting" of fractures A compression stocking is worn to prevent edema.

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